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Examples of Atlanta City Pass.

Atlanta CityPASS

Save up to 40% on admission to World of Coca‑Cola, plus 4 more of Atlanta's must-see attractions.

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Example of a VIP guided tour pass.

VIP Guided Tours

Enrich your visit to World of Coca‑Cola with the unique VIP Guided Tour experience.

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Smiling white-haired Sprite Boy character wearing a Coca-Cola bottlecap hat.

The Story of Sprite Boy

See the newest gallery of World of Coca‑Cola that tells the story of the elfin ambassador of Coca‑Cola.

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Taste It! Beverage Lounge

Experience something special and give your taste buds a trip around the world! Sip, mix and savor to your heart's delight.

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Experience the real stories behind the world’s most famous beverage brand.

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