Welcome to Taste It! A world of taste awaits you. In this experience, you can sample a collection of various beverages from the Coca-Cola family of brands from all over the globe. Want to learn more about the beverages? Check out some interesting facts from a selection of our beverages below. Enjoy your tasting adventure!
What tastes like raspberry cream soda? Sparletta Sparberry! This caffeine-free beverage is available exclusively in several countries across central and southern Africa. Did you know it was first introduced in Africa back in 1955?
Minute Maid Joy Apple Lychee is a caffeine-free still beverage with ripe apple and lychee notes. Lychee is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree native to southern China that is now cultivated in many parts of the world. Did you know you can pronounce lychee as “lie-chee” or “lee-chee”?
With the taste of sweet melon, this refreshing sparkling beverage is beloved in Thailand’s sunny, tropical climate. Did you know that The Coca-Cola Company's second-largest brand outside the USA, Fanta, is available in many distinct flavors in more than 180 countries?
Sprite Cucumber is a caffeine-free, sparkling beverage with a crisp cucumber flavor, providing a refreshing twist on this classic lemon-lime beverage. Did you know that Sprite originally launched in 1961 and is now enjoyed in over 190 countries?
First introduced in Italy in 1969, Beverly is a non-alcoholic aperitif that is typically consumed before meals. Today, it's not sold in market and is only available at World of Coca-Cola. Did you know that due to its distinctive taste, it’s one of our most popular, must-try beverages?
Fanta Kolita is a sparkling beverage with a smooth blend of exotic, floral fruitiness. Its sweet and slightly tangy character may remind you of grenadine. Did you know that Fanta Kolita is available exclusively in Costa Rica?
Inca Kola was created in Peru in 1935. It’s a golden yellow sparkling beverage with a sweet, fruity taste that many compare to liquid bubblegum. Did you know that gourmet chefs often use Inca Kola in signature Peruvian dishes?
Stoney Ginger Beer or Stoney Tangawizi is from Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa. It’s a non-alcoholic and caffeine-free naturally flavored sparkling ginger beer beverage. In Tanzania, ginger is a traditional native herb. Did you know Tangawizi is the Swahili word for “ginger”?
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