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Atlanta summers are generally hot and humid, with mild and occasionally cold winters. Springtime in Atlanta is pleasant with warm and dry weather, and fall is characterized by warm, dry and sunny days with cool, crisp nights.

Fun Atlanta Facts

  • Atlanta likes streets with Peachtree in the name, there are about 32 in Atlanta and around 55 in all of Georgia.
  • The Varsity, located in downtown Atlanta, has earned the distinction of serving the highest volume of Coca‑Cola anywhere. It dispenses nearly 3 million servings of Coca‑Cola annually.
  • Atlanta was the only city in North America destroyed by fire as an act of war, when General Sherman burned the city on November 15, 1864. Today, the city’s symbol is the phoenix, a legendary bird of Egyptian mythology that rose from its own ashes with renewed strength and beauty.
  • Before Atlanta, Georgia had four previous capital cities: Savannah (from 1733-1786), Augusta (from 1786-1795), Louisville (from 1796-1806), and Milledgeville (from 1807-1868). Atlanta became the capital of Georgia in 1868.



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