Plan Your Visit

After setting up a Group reservation, please read the following information to help make your visit to World of Coca‑Cola more enjoyable.

Tickets and Timing

  • Allow at least 2 hours for your group’s self-guided tour of World of Coca‑Cola.
  • Tickets will not be mailed in advance.
  • Upon arrival, please have your designated group leader proceed to the ticketing windows to arrange payment and retrieve tickets. During this time, all other members of your group may begin lining up in the entry queue.
  • Late arrivals will receive next available admission, which during peak season, could be in excess of 1 hour.

Guest Count and Chaperones

  • Please ensure chaperones, teachers or other adults are prepared to accompany students/youth at all times.
  • Given limited seating in the opening theater, groups may be divided and enter the attraction at different times.
  • Inform Group Sales of additional parents, chaperones or guests who will be accompanying your group so they can be added to your order & receive the group rates for admission.
  • Please call or e-mail Group Sales with an updated guest count closer to the date of your tour. If you are unsure of the number of guests, your count can be adjusted at the ticketing window upon arrival.


  • Payment will be accepted upon arrival; we do not require early payments or deposits. If you choose to pay in advance, please call 404-676-6074 or e-mail groups@worldofcoca‑ to process payment over the phone via Amex, Visa, Master Card or Discover.
  • Check/Cash payments must be processed at the ticketing window and should NOT be mailed in advance. Personal Checks will not be accepted.
  • If your group is due a refund, depending on the method of payment and amount of the refund, additional time & paperwork may be required at ticketing.
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