A Coca-Cola Christmas Celebration

This holiday season, World of Coca‑Cola is proud to showcase examples of how Coca‑Cola has been part of Christmas celebrations around the world and through the years.

In this exhibit on display in the Hub, you will see artifacts, memorabilia and seasonal packaging featuring two of our favorite icons – Santa Claus and the Coca‑Cola Polar Bear. One of the artifacts on display is a Coca‑Cola Polar Bear advertisement from 1922. This poster from France is the first time the polar bear appeared in Coca‑Cola advertising. The animated Coca‑Cola Polar Bear made its television debut in the 1993 TV commercial “Northern Lights,” which can be seen in the “Animation Celebration” program in the Perfect Pauses Theater.

Another artifact featured in the exhibit is a 1931 6-pack carrier. This remarkably well-preserved piece of cardboard is from the very first year that artist Haddon Sundblom began creating Santa Claus illustrations for Coca‑Cola. Haddon Sundblom is often credited with helping to create the modern image of Santa Claus through the advertising images he created for Coca‑Cola for more than three decades.

In addition to the artifacts and memorabilia inside the exhibit case, you will see a montage of four Holiday-themed Polar Bear spots and other holiday commercials.