Kiss the Past Hello


Kiss the Past Hello is our newest art exhibit on display in the Pop Culture gallery. Opening May 22, 2015, the exhibit features modern artwork inspired by vintage advertisements and Coca‑Cola bottle imagery. In recognition of the centennial anniversary of the Coca‑Cola bottle, Coca‑Cola Design invited artists and designers from around the world to reimagine historic Coca‑Cola advertising art using only Coke red, white, and black. The resulting submissions are as unique and varied as their creators.

Our Pop Culture gallery will showcase 39 posters representing a mixture of new pieces and some of the original works that inspired them. For example, shown above is the juxtaposition of the retro 1950’s ad “Lady in Red” on the left, which inspired designer Matt Allen’s simplistic and bold interpretation on the right.

Inspired by history and a timeless design, these works of art represent a fresh vision of the iconic bottle. This special exhibit will be open through May 2016.

A companion book titled Kiss the Past Hello, from Assouline Publishing, features a collection of vibrant images and art that illustrate the Coca‑Cola bottle’s influence on art and popular culture. This limited edition coffee table book is available for purchase at The Coca‑Cola Store.