Coca-Cola Bottle at Turner Field

The exhibit, Coca-Cola Bottle and Turner Field™ is a celebration of the partnership between Coca-Cola and the Atlanta Braves™ that has extended for more than 40 years. The artifact case includes actual pieces of the baseball equipment that covered the 42-foot high Coke bottle that sat in Coca-Cola Sky Field at Turner Field from spring of 1997 until it was retired July 2, 2009.

The Coca-Cola bottle, made of over 11,000 pieces of authentic Atlanta Braves baseball equipment including 6,680 baseballs, 290 bats and 86 gloves, was built as Coca-Cola Sky Field’s main attraction. Four hundred and thirty-five feet from home plate and 80 feet above the field, the Coca-Cola bottle was positioned in Turner Field’s most unique vantage point and is the source of many lasting baseball memories. After every Atlanta Braves home run, fireworks would shoot out from the top of the bottle.

This exhibit has at least one example of each of the items that were on the bottle, except catcher’s mitts and shoes — which disintegrated when the bottle was taken apart. Adding interest to the case are 9 baseballs from the Turner Field Bottle that were signed by current Braves players and manager, Bobby Cox. The players are: Kenshin Kawakami, Yunel Escobar, Matt Diaz, Troy Glaus, Brian McCann, Derek Lowe, Nate McLouth, and Chipper Jones.

Come celebrate a winning partnership and see a part of the Braves and Coca-Cola history.